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PASAR DALAM: Women's July/August '14 Collection

By Yi Peng | Aug 08, 2014

Girls, you are in for a serious treat. We’ve stocked Pasar Dalam with a selection of shirts and dresses that you’re going to go crazy over. The Riveter collection is all about the tailored dresses you can get down and dirty in while the Edie drop would be reminisce of The Factory in its Warhol heyday. The Yetta might be more your speed if you’re have to have your color fix; it’s a #tbt to best dressed grandmami on television – Yetta on The Nanny. Clashing prints #ftw.

In case you’re suffering a serious case of do I really this, the answer is yes you do. These are future wardrobe staples yo, but just in case you needed a little convincing, we got Xin Jun – who is a major babe and living proof you can have you cake and eat it too (she models and is crazy smart – I know right) to style the new collection.

The Riveter dresses are easy – all you have to do is accessorize. A belt cinches in the waist and transforms frumpy into New Girl perfection. Play a look up with knee high socks, leggings, hats or berets. It’s all in the details, people!

Roll up the sleeves of the Riveter jacket and throw it over any look. Same with the Yetta blouse.

Xin Jun’s favorite piece is the Edie dress. She keeps it casual with a pair of worn to the bone sneakers, specifically her Chucks and a brightly colored backpack because let’s face it, backpacks are all pro, no cons. She would also overdose her arm candy to counteract the black. Lastly, her ‘fro would be done up in a bun or ponytail with some hair gems to tie her entire look together.

The Women’s collection drops on Pasar Dalam ( August 11. Until then, you can stalk out the lookbook here.  

Yi Peng loves indie music and flannel shirts, just don’t call her a hipster. Stalk her out instead @yipeng22. You can also stalk out our model @xinjunchoo